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Holidays in Milina Pelion

All around the beautiful Pelion peninsula you will find picturesque villages, coastal towns and so many wonderful places of natural beauty and charm. It is one of the most unique destinations in Greece and is ideal to visit any time of the year.

The village is located on the coast of the Pagasitic Gulf in the southern part of the peninsula, and is approximately 49km from the port city of Volos - the gateway to Pelion.

Milina is a destination that is well catered for tourism with a good infrastructure for visitors. You'll find a great selection of tavernas where you can enjoy a tasty meal, including some local specialities, as well as a great choice of fresh fish. There are also lots of cafe bars right on the sea where you can enjoy a drink or coffee.

Visitors to Milina will also find some other local shops such as the mini market and bakers. Everything you will need for an enjoyable and comfortable holiday in Pelion can be found here without the need of much travelling around.

Milina - Pelion Milina - Pelion Milina - Pelion

There are lots of great beaches in this part of Pelion, and the calm waters of the Pagasitic Gulf make it a great destination for those who are travelling with young children. If you have a car with you for your holidays, then you can easily venture out and explore some of the other wonderful beaches around the peninsula.

This part of South Pelion is an extremely beautiful place, and with the small island of Alatas, it is a place that you cannot help but to fall in love with. There are lots of deserted beaches and caves around the islets in the waters here.

You'll also find that sailing holidays are very popular in Milina, with a number of sailing tour operators offering sailing trips and holidays here. You can often find idyllic sailing boats floating gently on the blue waters creating a beautiful image.

Milina - Pelion Milina - Pelion Milina - Pelion

There are a number of nearby villages and towns that are well worth visiting if you have the chance. Continuing westwards from our studios and apartments is the famous village of Trikeri and the island of Palaio Trikeri. The village of Argalasti which is the capital village of South Pelion is just 9km from Milina and a very interesting place to visit.

Milina is the perfect destination for your relaxing holidays in Pelion. It's beautiful beaches and shores, the peaceful and tranquil setting, and the beautiful green nature that thrives all around create a truly unique setting and one that you will want to return back to year after year.